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Four times the volume and gives fuller looking lashes
Lashes are specially designed for eyelash extensions.
Each lash is shaped and with minimal glue at the base to minimise weight.
Every lash you apply, you get the look of having applied four lashes.
You can finish a set of extensions and achieve the same look for your clients in less than half the time!
Gotta try!!

ONE LENGTH PRE MADE TRAYS 16 ROWS, 10 fans per row, 160 fans, 640 individual lashes per tray

D curl (each individual lash, therefore four times 0.07)
Pre-fanned 4D lashes to save time

Best used with angled or hooked Volume tweezers found here.

Recommend Hook tweezers for secure pick-up  VETUS ESD 15  or Vetus 6A SA Russian volume tweezers


Lash House Supplies Pre Made / Pre Fanned lashes are designed for volume and speed to create a full, fluffy soft result. We bring you the biggest trays on the market - 16 rows, 160 fans, 640 lashes per tray in our most popular curl, D-curl. Our Pre Fanned 4D Volume Lashes consist of 4 ultra-thin and extremely lightweight pre-fanned lashes carefully arranged on the sticker strip.

Applying one 4D Lash gives the volumizing effect, creating, thick, and full lashes. Our lashes are super soft and fluffy creating Volume Lash sets in the same amount of time as a Classic one on one set. We understand how time consuming it can be creating fans as a lash technician so we have carefully hand crafted our trays in 4D Volume. Using Pre fanned lashes can half your fitting time enabling you to have more time for clients or to build your business.

No Russian volume eyelash extension training is required. Our lashes are suitable for everyone trained in Classic lashes. With the same Classic 1:1 technique, but with volume eyelash results – a full and enhanced lash line that appears fluffy and soft without damaging your clients’ natural lashes.

Lash House Supplies 4D Pre made / Pre fanned volume fans are 4 individual hand made fans joined together at the base and ready to be removed from the trays and placed on a clients single natural lash. They are an easier and faster way to give the client the look of the Russian volume 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D look. A great idea for lash technicians who haven't taken a volume eyelash extension training course or are still in training. Sometimes they are used by trained technicians also when they are in a rush as the application takes the same amount of time as a Classic one on one application. They will give your clients a fuller look and save you time to do more clients, hence a faster turnover of lash clients.

No Russian volume training is required as they are applied with exactly the same technique as Class 1-1 lashes, however resulting in a 4D result

These lashes can also be used in addition to CLASSIC one on one lash extension application to give the HYBRID effect

16 lines per tray, 10 fans per line = 160 fans per tray, 640 lashes


Silk synthetic

Our Pre Made / Pre Fanned volume lashes are made with 0.07 and 0.1 Premium PBT fiber. They come in different sizes and can in suitable cases be doubled up to 6D, 7D or 8D

D curls

8mm to 14mm

3D 0.05
3D 0.07
3D 0.1

4D 0.05

4D 0.07

Pre Made Pre Fanned volume fans are very popular with salons and technicians if they are not yet trained or experienced in Russian volume application. Russian volume application, stacking and volume application techniques can be mastered after training and many hours of practice. We stock a range of 0.05, 0.07 & 0.10 thickness individual lashes suitable for Russian volume technique here.

Our Pre Made / Pre Fanned volume lashes are made from premium PBT synthetic fibers.

For best results use in combination with our Adhesive


Always check tweezers prior to application. Tweezers which are out of alignment and not meeting evenly and correctly in the middle can tear the fan. Best used with angled or hooked Volume tweezers found here to remove from the lash tray

Remove lashes with the tweezers from the side at a perfect right angle. Do not remove from the top as this could destroy your fan
Place the tweezers just above the underlying adhesive strip. Peel the fan off the below strip gently, using your wrist to steady your hand. Do not pluck as this could tear the fan.

Lashhouse products and supplies are available wholesale to lash technicians and beauty salons.